First Printing - Craftsman 6.5 x 10

Well, I got my press set up and did the four corner printing prep thing that is on the boxcar site directions. These are all boxcar aluminum base with photopolymer plates.

The first print is as good as I could get it and I worked hard to get it to that stage. Then I moved on to a fuller sheet of text and then the third is a smaller image/text.

What do you think - I think I need more work but I kept adjusting and that is the best I could get.

Here is the link to full size scanned images:

Thank you for your time,

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First, get yourself some gloves. Second, It takes more than one session to get perfection. It’s not bad for a first try, but you are using way too much ink. If you persist it will just get better and better. You have a good press, you just have to grow with it. Hang in there.

Looks great for a first time. I agree with ginkgo. Less ink will make a better print. It is hard to find a happy medium at first. Be sure to share more with us.

Ginko - I SOOOO need some gloves - they are on my list for sure! I thought I might be using too much ink.

I figured it would take some time to figure this out as with any art form. I thought posting here would allow the experienced veterans - like yourself - to direct me as far as what I needed to work on. You guys are like magic - you see it and immediately can see what the issues are!

Don’t you worry - I am all IN for the long haul. I already have my next full size press picked out! It may be a LONG time before I get it but I am here to stay!

Today actually felt like a step backward. I started from scratch as I did not know what else to do.

I wont bother posting today as I dont think I have made progress. I did start with very little ink and worked up to what I think is the right amount of ink but I still cant get a consistent even impression.

Its like you get one good one and think you have something and then you get 10 bad ones. Bumber.