Dangers of eBay….

…or more specifically of cruising eBay after a night out and deciding to buy your first letterpress at 4:30am.

I’ve been looking for a 5x3 adana (good compact size / easy to get parts) for a while now and happened to spot this one http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250409060482which with accessories and a £120 buy it now. Bargain (well reasonably - I live on an island so I’m restricted to the ones which people are prepared to post).

Anyway, it’s just arrived and I was absolutely delighted for about 30 mins while I unpacked it all. Then it occurred to me the chase looked a bit titchy, I’m a metric girl so I grabbed the measuring tape and was proved correct. I’m concluding it’s a High Speed No. 1. I wanted to print greeting cards so it’s a bit useless, plus I can’t find any parts for it on sale either.

So is it actually worth anything or did I just make a very expensive mistake?

Trish xx

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You can print business cards on this press as well, there is nothing wrong with it. Be inventive with your forme, type and paper. Spare parts should not be a problem, as these machines are still around. You could always consider picking up a second one, just in case. Rollers are probably the only parts that you have to replace every so many years.
Anyway from the photograph you could have told that it wasn’t a 5 x 3. Still, have fun and enjoy your press.