Inking problems, sp-15

Hello All. I’m having inking problems with the form rollers on my Vandercook SP-15. My rollers are new from NA Graphics and the durometer is perfect. The problems are:

1 - The height of the form rollers change when the press switches between print and trip.The following link to my flickr site illustrates this point, although we had re-adjusted the bearings since taking these photos and now the rollers lift at the end of the bed when they are tripped.[email protected]/sets/72157617411356816/

2 - The form rollers seem to sit too low and the screws don’t seem long enough to give us the correct clearance. The press has a galley bed and it’s possible these were not the original screws. We measured the length of the screws in the bearing blocks and they measure 2 5/16″. What should the length of the screws be?

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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