C&P 10x15 New Style paint color

I am restoring this press (early 1960s press) and am going to strip, prime and paint. Any recommendations for paint? In looking at the existing paint color, it is a very dark gray color. Were these painted black originally and I am seeing some kind of discoloration or were they painted a dark, dark gray?

I have seen Devil Tails recommendation of 50/50 mix of Rustoleum Flat Black and Semi Gloss Black Enamel but I’m just curious what others have used. The primer I will be using is the Kem Kromik Universal Metal Primer by Sherwin Williams.

Thanks again, Paul, for your suggestions.


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I am in the process of restoring some old 8x12 c&p’s and I asked a friend of mine who fixes multi million dollar scuptures for a living (musuem work) what I should paint and prime these presses with. He suggested strongly to use rustoleum rusty metal primer, but said not to use their paint because it is low grade with the binders or something like that. He said that I should use an oil based paint used for car engine’s, that this would be a higher grade of what rustoleum is and would be much tougher.