Letterpress Tutors or Classes Needed in Gloucestershire area.

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking into seriously learning to letterpress. Is there anyone out there who knows or is willing to teach or mentor a novice to Letterpress? If you know of any clases running in my area (will travel to Bristol, Bath,Cirencester…)
please reply.
Am considering getting an Adana 8x5 - will be my first printer, any advice?

Many thanks in advance.

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Commonly called ‘press’ and not printer. Printers come with computers.

Aah, my mistake.

Unfortunately there’s just too much misuse of nomenclature when referring to printing presses.
I should be more sprecific by saying my first relief printing press, though thanks for the heads up.

Press is fine. There was a post a while back about using adanas in the bristol/glos area - try contacting onepointoh, printmonkey and lucie.gray…

Hello and thanks john christopher. Much appreciated, am on it.