Letterpress in Wilmington, NC

I’m a MFA graduate in Fabric Design from The University of Georgia very interested in learning letterpress in the Wilmington, NC area. I’m looking for a class and/or apprenticeship.

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Hello Meghan!
My name is Brent Holloman.
I live in Wilmington, NC and came across your post looking for classes/info and stuff on letterpress and was wondering if you have discovered anything here in Wilmington? I am a graphic designer and am very interest in letterpress. Please let me know. Thanks Meghan!

I just had to comment on how coincidental this is— I can’t help you with an internship or classes in Wilmington, NC, since i’m living near Boston, but I’m actually from Wilmington, NC and will be back for the holidays in a few weeks.

Unfortunately, I’ve tried to find press shops in the city {Wilmington} and have had no luck— the closest ones are nearest the Raleigh-Durham area, Carborro, Greensboro, etc. If you’re up for a drive, maybe you can reach out to a few in Raleigh and stay with friends/hotel for a few days to get aquainted with the art of letterpress.

Maybe I ought to pick up and move back down south given that NO ONE down there seems to have a shop yet, haha.

Not that it helps, but if you decide to purchase a press elsewhere and teach yourself, Wilmington has a TON of rigging companies that could help.

Best to you both!