Need some guidance getting started on a Lino-Scribe Proof Press PLEASE!

Hi all, thanks in advance for any guidance/advice/hints that you can give me. I have purchased a Line-O-Scribe proofing press (model M1422) - the bed of the press is about 14x23, it has an adjustable pressure roller, and two ink rollers whose height appears to not be adjustable.

My goal is to print short runs of stationery/invitations on this press, and would like to get it printing as precisely and beautifully as possible, even though I recognize that there are probably better suited presses out there.

I’m having trouble specifically with getting the pressure roller to emboss as I am inking - it either is too tight and won’t run across my plate, or barely creates an indent. Also I am having trouble with bleed on letterforms, and not quite crisp enough. I’m worried this is from the rollers being too low; when using a roller gauge the line is not as thin as i think it should be.

General guidance and counsel is much appreciated - especially if you have had success working with this press for detailed work. Thanks again!

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