RE: Vandercook #2 Proof Press

I’m looking at a Vandercook #2 Proof Press (manual / “hand cranked”). Does anyone have one? Wondering if a Vandercook #2 is a simple to work with as a Line-O-Scribe or Showcard Printing Machine. We’ve got one of each, but are wondering if the Vandercook #2 would give an even more “distinctively letterpress” print than the Line-O-Scribe or ShowCard Printing Machine. ((i.e. would the Vandercook #2 Proof Press make a print that is extremely similar to the larger Vandercook Letterpresses?)) We’re wanting to make Letterpress posters for bands, etc. that are 14” x 22”.
Finally, any idea of pricing for a Vandercook #2 Proof Press?
Many Thanks!

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