Wholesale stationery

I print folded cards in two colors using reduction printing techniques. The cards come with matching (printed) envelopes and I use Crane’s Lettra 110 paper. I sell a single card and envelope for $4 and a set of six (2 of each of three different designs) for $15 retail. I want to sell my stationery in gift shops, etc. but don’t know how much to charge them to sell my cards for me. What is the going rate?

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Retailers expect wholesale cost to be about half of the list price…. e.g. they pay $7.50 for the $15 retail package.

There’s some flexibility in the pricing but they’ve got to pay for the lights and the employees and all that jazz out of their cut.

Thanks, Matthew. I don’t mind the $7.50 part, but $2 for single cards is tough to swallow :)