C&P 10x15 reassembly - gear cam roller

I am reassembling a C&P 10x15 New Series and have a question for the experts here.

Does anyone have any tips for reassembling the gear cam assembly? I am able to insert the cam stud into the cam roller (through the large gear cam wheel) but haven’t yet been able to align the stud correctly to get it to also insert into the hole in the rocker arm.

It’s obviously pretty precision stuff and it’s difficult to get a good visual of how it is misaligned. Is there a trick to this beyond patience and a steady hand?

Thanks so much.


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Patience, a steady two hands (one on the stud and one on the roller cam. An assistant to roll the flywheel back and forth ever so slightly may help.

Lubricate the stud and roller cam well and make sure there are no burrs on either making it more difficult than it already is. Fit them together outside of the press to make sure everything is smooth before trying it in the press.

I’ve done it a number of times and it almost seems its easier with eyes closed working by feel once you have the original line-up set.

Your hands will be inside the press so be careful.