heidelberg windmill 12 x 17

good morning. We are having clutch problems with one of our machines. The adjustments are maxed out to the point that it is very hard to engage the clutch. Heidelberg offers an oversize clutch, that is too big for our flywheel. So, are you supposed to have the fly wheel bored to fit the clutch ring or have the clutch ring turned down. And are there in specs. that you need to go by. There is no one available at heidelberg with information on this. Thanks for your help


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1. Back out both adjusting screws about three to four half turns. (press is off of course)
2. Engage the clutch handle.
3. Tighten screws until you just feel resistance on each screw.
4. Turn on press and see if the clutch engages and the press runs.
5. If the press does not run or slips at the clutch, tighten both screws 1/4 turn at a time until you can engage the handle and the press runs smoothly. In 30 years of service work I have never had to replace a Heidelberg windmill clutch.

If you end up having to replace the clutch, contact Whittenburg, Inc at 615-212-0015 for parts.

Thanks, for the comments. I have done all that. I can get it to run somewhat with out impression. We are just die cutting on this machine. But, the adjustments are so tight that it is really hard to engage the clutch. Thanks again.

Just a few more things to add. These machines have been abused over the years, I dont work at this site I just help out when they have problems. I have already replaced one clutch ring with a used one we had at our facility. It went pretty well. But, now I need to buy one from heidelberg and there dimensions are oversize for our flywheel. So, my question is what are you supposed to do bore the fly wheel or turn the clutch ring down to size and what kind of specs do I go off? You dont want the ring to rub when its in the fly wheel, and you dont want to go to much. I was wandering if anyone had any contacts with someone that may have answers for me. Thanks again for your help and support.

Hello. I was wandering if anyone knows of used parts for a heidelberg GT press, 13 x 17. I would like to find a used flywheel and clutch ring. A matching set. That seems like my best bet for one of our machines since heidelberg doesnt offer an original size clutch ring. Thanks for your help.


dont know where your located but there is a man in leominster, massachusetts that repairs heidleburgs, he is very good and reasonable, i have his number in my shop, i will post it tomorrow if you want it, dont know if he sells parts, but might be worth a call. dick g.

graphic machinery service, leominster, ma. phone 978-537-6156.

dickg, thanks for the number and the info. I will give him a call. At least he might be able to give me the info I am looking for. Thanks again for your time.