changing rollers

i am trying to change out rollers on my kluge 12x18…and i have to be doing it wrong b/c there is no way that something routine on something this well-made is as difficult as i’m making it. anybody with any advice…i’m all ears.


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Hi bfaulk-

Here is a previous discussion on this topic- hopefully it will help you out!


do you have the proper wrench/tool for lifting them?

@eric m…yes, but i’m not entirely clear on how to use it. thanks.

well, the proper tool is bent like a boomer-rang with a radiused notch in one end. some folks use the tool with the arc down, pushing down on the handle with the notch lifting the roller. the tool pivots on the roller next to the one you want to lift/ remove. i prefer to use the tool with the arc up. the tool pivots on the notch, with the notch resting on top and the tool under the roller you want to lift, so your effort is the same direction as the lift, not opposite. it does take a determined force to do this operation, but pushing up rather than down seems easier

thanks, eric…we’ll see how that works tonight.