Just wanted to brag a little. As of today I am an official old timer. Today I celebrate my 50th anniversary in printing.


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Congratulations! (And WOW…)

it might be your 50th year in printing, but most old timers always worked two jobs, 16 hour days. that would mean you have 100 years experience! good luck, dick g.


You’re right!


Good Work Glenn!

It’s a good day to start on your next 50 years! Congratulations.


Congratulations - that is awesome! I cant imagine how much printing stuff I will have by then!

Thanks everyone!

I may not last another 50 but as long as I can. It’s not work when you love what you do. When I “Retire” from the commercial shop where I work then I can go home and spend my days printing on my old black ball windmill.