Moving C & P Into My House

I have read up on moving information for getting the press from a flat surface to a flat surface. I am thinking about purchasing an 8 x 12 C & P from Indiana to Des Moines. Dave Churchman will be helping us load in Indiana from a flat garage - no problem.

The issue is when I get the press home. These are the only two doorways into my home and I am trying to figure out how to get the press up two small steps without having to disassemble it - if possible.

Here are the images of my doors (first is front - second is garage) along with measurements for you to see, any ideas:

Thank you in advance for your help!

image: 001.JPG


image: 002.JPG


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You don’t say whether you have an OS or NS and honestly I don’t know whether they differ in width, but — if your press is the same size as my C&P 8x12 OS, I’d say you’ll have to disassemble it to some extent. Mine measures 38-inches-plus across, and that’s not taking into the motor into account (which juts out slightly more).

Where will you be keeping the press?

I think the first (often only) part most people remove is the flywheel, and if you search the Discussions here you’ll probably find a good amount of information on that. I’ve moved my press three times (once all the way across the country) but I’ve always been able to keep it intact.

Hi Pepperina - thank you so much for your response. After talking off board with a few other printers - I think I have been talked into waiting to purchase a new press.

My press room is in my dining room and I am just too afraid with the weight of these presses that somewhere along the way of wheeling it pretty much through my entire house to get to the room I need it to be in - something bad might happen!

I had talked to a company about reinforcing the floor where the press would sit but they would not be reinforcing the entire basement for me to wheel this thing across my livingroom and into my dining room.

I have a Pearl that is having new rollers made as we speak - I will just have to cross my fingers that new rollers/trucks will fix the issues I am having with that and then if not other plans will have to be made.

I might have to work out of my garage - ugh.

Thank you again for your response - I am sure if I did get that press I would need to disassemble it to get it in.



Your refrigerator fully stocked probably weighs as much as a 10” x 15” C&P. I agree that reinforcing the area where the press would sit is a really good idea, but unless you have really bad floors, or termite damage, &c. it really shouldn’t be a problem getting the press into position. If you laid down sheets of 1/2” plywood over your floors, besides protecting the floors, it would disperse the weight over a larger area. Using two sheets, picking one up and moving it in front of the other as you progress over the floor, should be enough to protect your home.

Personally, I would rather have presses and type in the garage - and do. You might have to insulate or finish off the space and come up with a heating/cooling system. It is nice to be able to shut the door and forget about it, and still have the immediacy of walking a few steps to work. Print shops get stinky and messy at times, and altho I have a small Albion press, a type cabinet, and my wood-engraving tools in my dining room, the bulk of my print shop fills my garage (with room for the washer & dryer and the occasionally offensive trash cans).