New Tympan for Handpress

About a year ago I started restoring a Shniedewend handpress. Today the tympan is complete. I still have to build a frisket and weld it to on the tympan but I feel I’m on the home stretch. It is patterned after drawings and pictures found in many sources and it appears to fit perfect. Here are a few pics, I’m preparing the entire restoration in pics but this is all that is ready at this time. I worked with a woodworker friend and as you can see he does outstanding work. If anyone sees any problems that I might be overlooking, please email.[email protected]/sets/72157621965927654/

Thanks to everyone who answered my many questions.

Thank you,

Charles Kroon

Ginkgo Leaf Press
Chicago, IL

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ginkgo, to me the typam and frisket look complete, you just have to cover them with linen,and start printing. I would seal the the new wood for longevity. best james


Thanks Paul

I think that youre correct in that I have to somehow take off about 1/32nd off the outer edge of the the inner tympan. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem to do. As to the hinges, the hinge pin are removable out so that’s not a problem. It will be awhile before I’ll need point guides and pins, so I’m going to wait on that. I do need some hardware to hold the two frames together, would like it to be below the surface, but simple hooks may be the easiest. I DO like the smaller frisket idea, a nice solution.

Now that I’ve seen your setup I have two questions. Did you seal the wood before applying the paper? Did you fold over the entire side of the paper at once or did you make little strips as Rummond shows in his book?

Thanks - Charles


How is the paper working for you? I hope you get good results with it. Let me know if it doesn’t