Questions on Caxton 4x6 small letterpress

Hello Everyone,

I’m a beginner of letterpress, and I just brought a small 4x6 Caxton Press. But I couldn’t find much information about this press like other tabletop Kelsey press. This press came without rollers, now I couldn’t find any roller can fit this press. The seller gave me 2 rollers which are larger than my press, he told me to cut it off to fit the press, not sure it’s possible to do that by myself, please advise. Not sure I made a big mistake for buying this press without any knowledge of it. Reading some suggestions here, knowing some experts’ advices not to buy any press smaller than 5x8. I’m pretty frustrated here, If I couldn’t’ get it work and thinking resell it back. The problem is I don’t know how much this press should cost.

Need advice or comments.

Many Thanks.

image: IMG_7869.JPG


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Nice looking small press. I’m afraid your feelings that you might have made a mistake might be true. Even with new rollers, quality printing will not be easy. Roller size is probably close to any other small press of the same size. Try a few places and see what they have. As to a price to sell it, it seems if you can get what you paid you should be happy. If you overpaid, consider it a learning experience.

Thanks for your comments, I will look for new rollers and try it out and see the quality of it. Do you know the cost of the new rollers?


I tested my press with a Brayer instead of ink rollers, everything seems working fine. The print looks good, now I feel better.

I just restored a Caxton. Have you found any rollers yet? I have an extra set of rollers that I would be willing to sell you. The catch is that they are in bad shape and you will need to have them recast. This can be done. When I had mine recast it cost me about $120. Let me know if your interested.

Jordan Weaver

Thanks Jordan,

I bought a set of new rollers and sold the press as well.