recommendations for adhesive labels?

I’m looking for an adhesive label paper, preferably recycled, that can be purchased in legal-sized sheets and then letterpressed and die cut. Deep impression is not crucial.

Does anyone have something like this, or know where I might find some?


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Kyle, I researched nicer self-adhesive label paper recently and chose Classic Crest recycled natural white, in 8.5x11 sheets. I didn’t notice anything available in legal size, but then I wasn’t looking for it. Try or

I recently used Mohawk Superfine label stock as well as some Strathmore label stock for letterpressed address labels, both very nice. I’m not sure if they come in legal size. But in your situation, I would probably just take the sheets I want to someone to have them made into sticker paper, or run them through a Xyron myself if you don’t need a large quantity.

thanks for the recommendations!