Craftsman Machinery (Boston) press

Can any one identify this for me more specifically from the not very good photos? It has two rollers. Chase on it is roughly 7.5 x 12 outside dimensions. I am wondering even more what this press is worth on the open market as I want to sell it. Thanks.

image: IMG_4345.jpg


image: IMG_4347.jpg


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This press is worthless, you should just give it to me.
Just kidding.

Craftsmen Machinery copied the design on the very popular Chandler and Price Pilot press. Your particular press is named the Superior. Restored, these presses can bring upwards of $2500 on ebay. Without rollers, and a little rust, it may only fetch $200 - $500 depending on your location. It would help if you had a chase (metal frame for placing type) for the press, and roller cores (metal bars in the center of rollers) and trucks (metal wheels that hold up the rollers).
From my understanding, you have a new style Superior press from the earlier castings of this press before Craftsmen moved to Canada. I know that isn’t very specific, but Craftsmen didn’t use serial numbers on these presses. The lever on your press is more rare than the straight handled lever.
You are welcome to browse through an early catalog on my flickr pages.

craftsman is still in business here in massachusetts, i think they still have parts for these presses. i had the same machine, they print better than the kelseys, if you have the chase and the rollers and trucks they bring pretty good money, boundstaff is right, except the part about giving it to him, you should give it to me so it would return to the state it was made in. its a great press. good luck dick g.

Thanks, you guys. Maybe my kid remembers where the chase is. She left it behind (for dad to move several times, but no more).

Hope to find right person here in PDX that can make the right use of this.

Fed Ex to Mass. is probably a shade prohibitive.

In Portland, you might contact McClains printmaking. There is a chance they would be able to help you find a buyer.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-503-641-3555 Monday - Friday, 10:00 to 5:00