Letterhead paper

Does anyone have any recommendations for nice letterhead paper to print on? I’ve been printing on card stock for note cards, invitations, etc. so far, but haven’t tried on text weight for stationery. Thank you!

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For cheap? Letterhead paper can be purchased by the ream online, or from your fave paper supplier. Laid or Craft calendar means business; IMHO Linen is not recommended for business stationery.

Or, if you really want to get fancy, you could print on deckle-edge stock. Deckle, for all it’s raggedy-ass look on one edge, is reserved for weddings and formal invites, but it could be used for biz LH in special cases. The stock itself says “hand made, with care”. Deckle is not a cheap stock, like yer 20# bond for laser. “Dear Sir, or Madam” is right out.

Of course, with deckle-edge - as with all stocks - you have to imprint the matching envelopes (insert smiley face here).

Thanks Jim. It’s mainly for personal use, so I suppose my options are wide open, that’s why I am unsure. I was just wondering if anyone has had good luck with a certain brand (Crane’s, etc.)

Over here in Europe a laid paper is regarded as an impressive, general letterhead paper.

Cranes Crest and Strathmore Writing are common cotton sheets. I’ve also used Neenah Classic Columns a couple times, it has a interesting columnar texture.
A really nice sheet that usually goes under the radar is Mohawk Superfine Eggshell finish.
These stocks are available off the shelf. But if you have no budget and really want to do something special, check out Somerset Book or Frankfurt Laid. The Frankfurt has real interesting laid and chain lines - very random.
I can go on and on.

If you want 100% Cotton for something real nice try Crane’s Crest. For heavier text try 32# Cranes Lettra text. Keldon Paper has sheets and Envelopes 323 584-7788