Type almost appears to be outlined.

I have just printed an invitation on Cranes 110# Lettra, with rubber based ink. It almost appears like the type has outlines that are printing darker than the inside of the letter. We tried everything, different pressure, more ink, less ink. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? We put on a different plate that had a different type style and it did not print that way.

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The problem is your roller settings are too low. This subject is discussed here with extreme frequency and much repetition, so search roller, and whatever your press is, and you will find many answers.

Exactly what parallel said. When your rollers are too low they push down too hard on the type leaving ink on the sides of the type as well which then transfers to the paper upon pressing and looks like a halo!

You will need to adjust your rollers and as parallel said there are a ton of threads on the board about this. Best bet is to search and read through them as they may answer some other questions as well.

This is a big day for me as I am new to printing and this is the first time I seen a post and knew exactly what was wrong! How exciting!

Best of Luck,

Thank you so much!!!!!