restoration complete - thank you

I just finished a restoration of a C&P 10x15 New Series press. I am still taken aback by the support that I have received through briarpress. Your time and assistance is so greatly appreciated. I couldn’t have done this without you.

While the restoration was fun and very rewarding, I’m even more excited to print with this magnificent piece of machinery.

I have posted pics of the restoration at flickr. Sometime soon, I’ll update the pics with descriptions.

After restoration:

During restoration:

Before restoration:

You’ll also find pics of a restoration of a Craftsmen Imperial 5x8 that I did.

Thank you, thank you.

Bellus Letterpress
Denver, Colorado

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Very nice, should last another hundred years.

I believe the press originally came from a school - typical school setup, covered flywheel, gear covers, platen push away. Super press. Dick

Congratulations! Now get to work.