Hans-Ulrich Frey & Stephan Burkhardt 

Offizin Parnassia Vaettis

In the magnificent mountain village Vättis, we have been carrying out our printing works since 2001. Starting off as a mere fascination for old books, our passion soon grew to an extensive printing manufactory (i.e. Offizin in German). First, the types are founded in accordance with the art of traditional craft. Then, the letters are printed on hand presses and, finally, the books are bound exactly as they were in former times.

Offizin Parnassia is casting types on 3 different Monotype-casters, using both American and Britsh systems. Types for hand-composition are available from 5 to 72 pt. Offizin Parnassia has taken over the whole mat-inventory of the famous Harold Berliner, printer.

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