Adding a foot treadle

Hello everyone! I have a C&P 8x12 that came with a motor. In a case that motor fails mid-job, I would like to add a foot-treadle. Does anybody know who sells parts for a C&P and how to attach a foot-treadle?


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Hern Iron Works sells new treadles for Chandler and Price.
the’re 125$

The Treadle for my OS 8x12 was $209 total with shipping from Hern Iron Works

You also can make one out of wood. There was a photo posted recently under a similar topic heading.

I will check out Hern Iron Works! Thank you for your quick responses!

Just ordered my Hern treadle for my 8x12, $140 for the treadle and around $60 for shipping. Good luck! I can’t wait to get mine in (about 3 weeks)!