Grippers leaving an impression

Hey there - trying out my first run today on my Kelsey. My grippers keep leaving more of an impression than my artwork does. Do I need to move them? Less packing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Grippers should be outside the form area.

Are you using a Boxcar base? Unlike with handset type that base constitutes the form, not just the plate attached to it, and the grippers must be outside of that as cmcgarr points out. You can stretch rubber bands from gripper to gripper to strip the sheet or you can make a frisket.


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Aha! I’ll be trying some new things in the morning. Yes, I’m using a Boxcar base.

Also - if I’m not getting a good print, is there a checklist, (packing, pressure etc…) anywhere here on this blog that I can reference?

Thanks so much for your help!

If the grippers are hitting your paper then that is getting in the way of the actual form and paper contact. One you do as rpolinski suggested you will have a better time of printing which should include impression.

Packing would be a consideration. Read the archives on packing, it may help.

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