IntertypeWorld is an intertype users group. This group is for folks who own, or who are interested in, Intertype Lincecasting Machines. Also welecomed to this group are folks interested in Linotype, Elrod, and Ludlow slug and strip casting equipment. Ask questions; chat about your equipment, and generally enjoy the conversation. Please post often and keep this list active! Enjoy!

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Wow, an Intertype group (merg’s also?).
Lord, I cut my teeth on C-4’s in NH when I was 18. ended up In Denver as head machinist. Ran and fixed them all!
Still fix a few in Denver. Write me anytime.

I have a complete cabinet of Merganthaler Elektron parts available. There are still two in Denver. One in Boulder (cold and on standby) and one in Denver still running by hand keyboarding three times a week.

I need a main the main frame that goes around the top of the Universal Intertype (C3). Will travel to pick up.
Joe Weber