Line-O-Scribe (Morgan Sign Machine Co.) Model# 1422


I got myself the Line-O-Scribe press & workbench. I would really appreciate if someone can give me some advice on the machine. It comes with cases of metal and wood types, some furnitures and spacing. But it doesn’t come with quoins. Do I need to get quoins to lock types & furnitures into this sign press? The press also comes with some extra stuff (metal slot strips & stand) that I have no clue how to use them.

I have learned the letterpress printing process during my grad school but only with SP-15 Vandercook. It was 6 years ago since I printed on letterpress so I really need to fresh up my memory. Any suggestion would be great. Thank you very much.

image: press.jpg


image: parts.jpg


image: part_2.jpg


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I have a similar press…did you end up keeping yours?



I have Line-O-Scribe as well. They are pretty easy to finagle a lock-up using furniture. Here’s an image of how I use spacing and furniture(and sometimes a few galley magnets) to lock-up my type in the bed. My Line-O-Scribe’s roller is in really bad shape, so I have to build up the bed a bit hence the cereal box under neath the type. More photos of this are posted here:

Hope it helps!

image: Line-O-Scribe lock up

Line-O-Scribe lock up

Hello. I have a Showcard proof press very much like your Line-O-Scribe. The Showcard uses thin metal rods that fit in groves either alongside the rials (horizontally) or on the ends (vertically). The type that came with it has a groove on the bottom that fits over the rods. There are small, spring loaded, snap-on pins that hold the type in place. These presses were made for down and dirty store sale signage, not precise work although with care, great results can be achieved. I prefer using a chase on the bed of the press with a common lockup. I’ve used magnets to hold the chase in place. In my opinion, printing large surface area things such as wood type, lino cuts and regular cuts, work very well. Small type doesn’t print as well. Best of luck on using yours. You have a very nice set up.

image: Sun Print 2-800w.jpg

Sun Print 2-800w.jpg

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Its been a long time since your post and I don’t know if your still interested. Looks like you have a nice machine. I can tell you about your two unidentified items. the first is a pair of sign drying racks. printed signs slip into the narrow spaces between the tabs. The second is a deluxe ink plate which looks to be missing the 3/16” glass plate that goes in the raised lip on the top (best to have a sheet of blotter paper between the metal and the glass both to protect the glass and to better see the ink your spreading).