can anyone recognize this press?

Hi, i just posted this on Letterpress for begginers, and realized there is also this section….


Hello all,

I’m new to the Briar Press, this is my first post…. i guess there’ll be more to come.

I’m part of a small design-communication-educational studio in Barcelona, called Todojunto.

We used to work a lot with an amazing and kind printer, oneo of those neighborhood printers that seem to be desappearing all over the world, stomped by big printing companies with coffee-offering receptionists….

well.. to make the story short, our printer, Señor Valero, had to close his printshop, and he gave us his old (and for a long-time-unused manual lever press)… i want to clean it up. put some new rollers, and try to use it, while we also look for someone who is interested in buying it…

The press has no inscriptions on it, and we’d really love to know the story of this machine, and see if we can find the rollers and understand how it works… He said that it was calld “Boston” but i can’t seem to find any info on internet about a Boston machine that looks like this…so i’m attaching a couple of pictures to see if any of you know anything about this kind of presses….

as i said at the beggining this is my first post, i hope this amazing community can help us introduce ourselves in this magic world!

Thank you.

image: IMG_0772.jpg


image: IMG_0773.jpg


image: IMG_0779.jpg


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Just adding a couple of photos…

[Yes, i know… i’ll clean it and oil it this weekend : )]

image: The ink-duct

The ink-duct

image: IMG_0788.jpg


The press has many features in common with the Hohner platen, which is pictured in old American Printing Equipment catalogs. Made in Germany.

It looks a lot like one I have that is similar to what the Briar press museum had labelled as German Unknown. I don’t have that odd device that I see above the inking plate on your press. My press has a curved arm like yours but the German Unknown has a straight arm. I’ve always wondered who made it so I hope you get the answer. My chase size is about 5 x 8. I had to adapt a random chase. The chase has the same way of locking in as my Sigwalt Ideal (it has little protrusions on the sides of the chase that lock in against devices on the press) I’m attaching the image from Briar Press back when the museum was online.

image: pressunknown.png


I finally found my photos of my own press which resembles yours. This press had been used at a city hall I was told.

image: IMG_6647.JPG


image: IMG_6639.JPG


Try to compare with this photo.
Please remark that there is a little difference in the construction on the different models EG, EH etc.
Gott grüß die Kunst

thank you all for the help!

it certanly is very similar to the Hogenforst Stabil II Bogtrykkeren posted in the catalog pages…

i’m cleaning it this weekend, and promise to post some new photos…

: )


Here’s a scan of the Hohner platen from the 1987-88 American Printing Equipment catalog, the heavy duty 9” x 12.75” model D. The saddles are identical; note the third ductor/distributor roller with oversize trucks.

image: hohner.jpg