Louis E. Crandall 

Crandall Historical Printing Museum

The Crandall Historical Printing Museum was founded by Louis E. Crandall. Mr. Crandall has been collecting antique printing equipment since 1954. His collection includes presses, type cabinets, stones, paper cutters and other period printing equipment which is displayed in his museum.
The museum features displays of printing presses and equipment grouped according to different historical periods. Personal hosts and audio tapes guide visitors throught the museum. Exhibits include the Gutenberg Room, Benjamin Franklin’s Print Shop, and the E. B. Grandin Printing Office.

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Mr. Crandall, Do you have any infor. on the Model 2 Job Press by J. W. Doughaday & Co. made in Phila., SN 197. I am particularly intrested in the original paint job. I am restoring the Press.