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Hello fine folks,

I am in need of some basic supplies, and having had no reply from the few online suppliers I had written to, I was wondering if anyone on here could put together a “starter kit” which I could purchase to start out?

I have recently acquired, or rather “rescued” a small flatbed handpress (7” x 9” chase) and I have quoins and a key to go with them, a composing stick and some type/fonts (8, 10 and 14 pts., just the type but no spaces and quads at all.)

Other than that, I have absolutely nothing else and missing a lot of important items to start printing. I have in mind cards to start with and later perhaps pages of small text to around A5 size.

I have a rough idea of the items I would need, and may be missing some things and would be grateful if you could kindly check if my list is correct;

Small wooden planing block.
Line ruler/gauge.
Set of gauge guides/pins.
Tympan paper.
A small steel or alluminum galley.
Small ink brayer.
Ink knife.
Inks - small cans/tubes (black, white, red, blue, yellow)
Selection of quads/spacers/thins for 8,10 and 12 pt type.
Selection of furniture and reglets.
Selection of leads/slugs.

I’m at a loss as to the quantities and sizes I would need of spaces and quads, leads and slugs, and furniture. I would appreciate your advice and suggestions for a reasonable selection and quantity to go with my small press and the font sizes I already have.

If anyone could help put together a basic kit, or point me to someone who could, I would be very much obliged.

With many thanks,

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there is a man in florida, sal zampino, he sells starter kits, also letterpress things in chicopee, massachusetts, the excelsior press in new jersey. there are many listed in the yellow pages on this site. good luck dick g.

Thank you for your advice, I had tried to enquire with both Letterpress Things and the Excelsior Press but have not heard back. Then again, perhaps I have been impatient and should wait a few more days.

Do you have a web address for Sal Zampino? I have not managed to find it.

Thanks again,

Update: Alan & Sal have both so kindly replied to me, and I do believe that I should have all the things I need to start printing soon. I must learn to be more patient!

To my knowledge, Letterpress Things doesn’t do mail or on-line ordering. John runs an “open-every-other-Saturday” operation, and prefers to deal with people personally. You get a lot of good advice that way.