Crystal City Community Printing Museum

The Crystal City Community Printing Museum houses western Canada’s largest collection of century-old printing machinery still in perfect operating condition. Printing of the local paper began in 1881 until 1952. The shop also housed a small job printing business and continues to do so as a working museum in the original building using letterpress machinery.
The print shop is a designated provincial heritage site marked with a Manitoba Heritage Council plaque.

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2 comments about this listing

I have visited Crystal City Printing Museum (interesting). As a retired Graphic Arts Teacher, I am looking for someone out there who may be interested in setting up a letterpress shop, as I have everything that is required. - Lee

Hi Lee,

I know this is a long shot, as you posted this over 1 year ago, however I have been wanting to set up a letterpress shop now for some time. I am currently living in Winnipeg, however all my family come originally from Cartwright, only a hop, skip and jump from Crystal City. If you still have any presses, type, etc, please let me know! - Lindsey