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I have two Showcard presses and about thirty + drawers of mostly wood type to 5”, and some lead, as well. Also came from department store/Army-Navy print shops. Love the work, love the process. Am about to use Charbonnel etching inks, after running out of some of the original tubes dating back to late 60s. I incorporate the fun-and-appreciation-oriented printing with my paintings, generally affixed to wood panels or boards. Want more letters for my 15” x 24”s…

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Please continue to post your unique adventures w/your Showcards. A great medium. Am interested in addt’l letters (wood) and great ink formula discoveries…foibles OK, too…

Instead of etching ink, I would suggest some Daniel Smith Oil based relief ink. It is a much longer ink (not as stiff), and will be easier to get a thin even coat of ink on your form. Of course Daniel Smith isn’t the only source for good, just the one I have on hand, and am the most comfortable with. Try Flint, Van Son, Graphic Chemical and Ink, Faust or others.

What is a Showcard Press ? I have something called Magnetic Sign Press, manufactured by The Sign Press Co. Adrian Mich. I’m looking for more type for this thing. I want to set some text and block prints up together. I’m definately a beginner. help?

Nan, check the e-bay auctions under letterpress, lots of type, and cuts for sale, but be careful, some is pretty worn, not all are full fonts, some people sell wood type on there with just one of each letter, you won’t be able to do much with that. Also on this site in the yellow pages there are some type founders still casting new type, kind of expensive, but at least you know what you’re getting. good luck Dick G.