Where can I find…

a chase?! I’ve been putting together all of the bits and pieces like furniture, guage pins, new rollers, etc. but I can’t find a chase for a Golding Official No. 4! I’ve contacted the usuals like Don Black, Dave Churchman, etc. already.

This is my first press so I’m not sure what my options are. Can I use a chase from another manufacturer like Kelsey or will I have to have one machined?

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i read somewhere on this site that you can make a chase out of plywood, i tried it and it works well, and its really cheaper than having one made from metal, post the size you need, i have a pile of old chases i will look and see if one is what you need. dick g.

It’s a 6x9 but I’ll measure the chase bed when I get home so you can have some outer chase dimensions.

Thanks :)

I also don’t have a chase for my Golding Official #4 which is to be restored. A plywood chase sounds like a good idea.

Another idea I am going to try is, I bought a 5 X 8 metal chase, which was fairly easy to come by. I am going to drill and tap a couple of small holes in each side of that chase. Then I am going to make hardwood spacing blocks and screw them to the chase, to increase the width of the chase to the width of the original Golding chase (or what I think was the width, since I don’t have a Golding chase).

Off to the sides of the bed of the Golding press are two little pins or side posts which stick out on each side from below the roller rails. I am assuming that an actual Golding chase has two similar posts cast into it, or maybe two little matching wedges, which would secure the chase in the press by wedging the chase between the side posts on the press, and the bed of the press. So, when I make the hardwood spacers for the 5 X 8 chase, I will include the two wedges that will wedge the chase in position. I might even cover the wood wedges with sheet metal so they don’t get worn down.

At this point, I’m not really concerned about losing printing area because of the fact that I am using a 5 X 8 chase in a 6 X 9 press.