Literacy Project Seeks Letterpress Equipment


As promised by the government for many years, we now have a computer in nearly every home. But what about books? How many households have an adequate supply of books?

I am a writer and artist from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, an impoverished region where in some schools 80% of pupils come from deprived backgrounds. These kids are bright and eager to learn, but their aspirations are not always reflected by their parents or the wider community.

I am developing a non-profit community project that uses letterpress printing techniques to encourage people to read more - and to read higher quality poetry and prose.

I can adapt the project to suit the resources, but we urgently need equipment to bring the project to fruition. Any donations and/or loans of letterpress equipment and consumables would be warmly welcomed.

For further information email or text/leave a message on 07846 439982

Kind regards,

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