Proofing Press roller and moisture

Hi all,

Hopefully a basic question here …

I have recently acquired a Stephenson Blake Proofing press, the basic sort with a vulcanised rubber cylinder which is pulled across the bed by hand.

I know some rubber rollers do not like water or moisture. so would pulling a proof with dampened card stock, harm this type of roller in any way ?

I’d just like to be 100% sure before running a damp proof …

All answers gratefully received.


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Rubber rollers do not have any problems with water; all kinds of waterproof things have been made of rubber, from dampening rollers of offset presses to hot water bottles. You are probably confusing them with composition rollers, which should be kept from excess moisture.
By all means, go ahead with damp proofing, it will improve the result you get on a roller-style press.

Hi parallel_imp,

Many thanks for confirming that its OK to go ahead with a damp proof. I’ve been running some test samples using 310gsm recycled card stock, and the ink coverage on the dry proofs are pretty awful.

After reading your reply, I ran a damp proof - results are much much better.