Envelope help needed asap, please!

I have a client who really really likes the savoy paper, however they do not make inner and outer envelopes. To make matters worse, the size we’re working with is an A9. I have found the crane’s palette which comes in an A9 (they call it embassy) inner and outer, but it has a watermark, which just doesn’t work for a wedding invitation.
Does anyone have any suggestions on a nice, smoother finish, envelope? The only other one I can find is the Arturo, but that has a heavily textured finish which the client won’t like.
please help!
thanks to all

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Ok, I’ve been searching all day on this one and the only thing I can find besides arturo is william arthur which I’d have to buy retail myself and pay $500 for 200 envelopes…. that’s just out of my price range.
I’m thinking my solution is to buy some 80# savoy text and diecut the inner envelopes. Now the problem is that doing so is not possible on my size press. Is there anyone out there who would be able to diecut 200 5.5”x8.5” square flap envelopes in the next week or so? if so, PLEASE email me with your turnaround time and your price.
I should note, the finished size (not folded or glued, just flat die-cut paper size) will be 10.75”x12.875”.

image: inner envelope-small.jpg

inner envelope-small.jpg

If you can’t find someone here to do it, priint them on the stock of your choice, then send them out to be converted. I use ESC which is on the west coast and they are fairly fast. You can download templates from their website www.envelopeconverting.com

that’s a fantastic resource thank you! I haven’t heard form anyone here so I will be giving them a call in the morning to see what it takes to get this done….
thank you, thank you, thank you!

I just wanted to follow up on my envelope dilemma….
Envelope Converting Service (see the link above) is fantastic! I was afraid that having envelopes made for such a short run (200) would be astronomically expensive if I could even get it done. After getting quotes of $1300-$1500 to get a custom die made and the envelopes made, the $105 quote from Envelope Converting Services was a relief! (fully custom would only have been about $150 more). Those prices may change with the envelope material and size, but I should note that those prices were for any amount up to 2500 envelopes with me supplying the paper stock. The customer Service Rep, Deb, was more than helpful, walking me through the whole process. Designing invitations and finding matching high quality inner envelopes other than 5x7 or 7x7 has been difficult… until now.
Thank you ‘RedHeadedMatt’ for the source info. I would highly recommend their services to all of you on here who design custom invitation suites.

You are welcome!
They are very good at what they do and I’m glad everything worked out for you.

crane lettra (unwatermarked) does come in an A-9 size envelope but not with a matching inside envelope. Keldon Paper stocks the A-7 pointed flap with a inner and outer outisde envelope. keldonpaper.com. 323-584-7788.