Vandercook No.3 Form Rollers or Cores

Hello Briar Press Community!

We have a cute little Vandercook No.3 we need rollers or cores for. It has a decent set on there now but new ones are needed. We would like to get a new set or have some old cores recovered but don’t have the time to have our machine down for a few weeks while the only rollers we have are being recovered.

We are looking for all three rubber rollers, the 2 form rollers and the smaller hand cranked distribution roller. We’ll take them in any condition. if they are new great if they need to be recovered that’s fine too. Ne need to have a set recovered any way just don’t have extra cores. So if you have cores we’d be interested.

any other questions please contact us 585-872-5050 or email.

from my measurements the form rollers are: length of the core is 17.5”, the roller itself is 14”-14.25”. Shaft Diameter is .5” and the roller diameter is 2.375”
Distribution roller: core length is 19.5” roller length is 14.375” core diameter is 7/16” and the rubber diameter is 2”.

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