1890’s 25’ Advance Lever Cutter disassembled $125

Disassembled, 25” blade, 1890s Shneidwende & Lee,
Advance Iron-lever Paper Cutter.
Several braze-ups on the frame.

IT IS COMPLETE except for the counter balance weight & mount on the lever, the name plate, & several screws.
Note the early-style, hard to find, triskelion-spoked, paper grip wheel. I couldn’t find a way to keep that on my cutter.
I built one cutter out of two—of course I kept the more complete lever.
This is cheap for a lever cutter but I want it out of here.
I just don’t have the space to spare.

There is a loading dock and I will help you
get it onto your trailer or truck.
For some installations disassembly is a better way to go.
This one had to be removed from a small room in bits.
No other way.

I will be reassembling this cutter onto an oak pallet
over the next couple weeks.
As the cutter is rebuilt (sans counter-weight & nameplate)
and bolted onto the pallet the price will increase until it reaches the more conventional price-$450. More if I fabricate
a replacement for the counter-weight and maker’s name plate

Reassemble it yourself and save a bit.

Call Calvert
KC Center for the ink & Paper Arts
816 803 1515

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image: Paper cutter.jpg

Paper cutter.jpg

image: papercutterpieces2.jpg