Bob Miller 

Crocodile Industries, Inc.

(Note - We have received word that the business is closed. If this is not correct, please contact us )

Replacement parts for Heidelberg, Kluge, and Chandler & Price. Hot Stamping Accessories - Heat Plates - Heat Controllers - Bunter Posts - Toggle Hooks - Foil - Foil Pullers - Suckers - Hollow Drills & Drill Blocks - Creasing Matrix - Paper Cutter Sticks - Quad Guides - Quoins - Die Cutting Jackets - Blankets - Rollers - Grippers - A complete catalog is available - Call Toll Free 800-426-6244

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3 comments about this listing

NO mention on their website of roller supplying capabilities. Odd!

I am looking for a form roller housing and lockup bar for a Vandercook 219. Can you be of any help?

I am looking for a drive wheel for a c&h…Thanks Dave