Need to learn letterpress in PR

Hello to all:
I have a small invitation business and have recently discovered the beauty of letterpress. After extensive research via internet, there doesn’t seem to be any centers on the Island for me to learn this technique. I am eager to have a hand’s-on experience thru courses and workshops to see how I can incorporate this technique in my business. I found two (2) invitation business on the Island, that sell letterpress invitations, but they are resourced out to CA. So, I guess invitation-wise, no one really works this technique in my area. I am willing to fly into the US to take workshops, but they would have to be no longer than one or two weeks. If anybody has any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you!

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The Center for Book Arts in NYC does 1 week letterpress classes.


check out excelsior press in new jersey, alan gives lessons in letterpress printing, he has about every kind of press out there, good place to learn. good luck dick g.

Thanks, I will.

Hello Liza,
The San Francisco Center for the Book ( offers a week-long class.

Hi Liza, we are almost in the same boat! I live in the Virgin Islands and had to opt for classes at Praxium Press in the Atlanta area which was great. I will be heading up to see Alan in May at Excelsior because I want to learn to set type. I am still investigating if other persons offer letterpress in our region. Will you be at PRs wedding show in March!