Are there table top presses that arent platen?

Is there something similar to a version of a vandercook but in a table top format?

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I’m just a newbie, but I guess a Poco Proof Press could be called a “table-top cylinder press” :)

There is one being sold now on the Briar Press classifieds section.

There is a website dedicated to the Poco Proof Press:

A Poco #0 or a Vandercook #1 could, I suppose, be considered tabletop presses. Maybe even one of the smaller
Challenge cylinder presses. The various sign presses are also similar (Showcard, Nolan, etc.) but have small cylinders compared to the Poco, etc.

There are some drawbacks. They won’t have inking systems or a means of registration. Registration can be added by a number of methods, including building a tympan and frisket assembly. Inking is pretty much limited to using a brayer to put it on.