Can anyone tell me what this is and what it is worth?

I am new to letterpress. Can you tell me what kind of press this is and what it is worth?

image: press1.jpg


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looks like a baltimore press, fancy pinstriping but a small chase, mostly for business card printing. dick g.

Thank you. What would something like this be worth or what would you pay for it?

you can always print smaller on a big press but you can’t print bigger on a small press, it depends what you are looking to print, i would not buy a press smaller than 5x8. kelseys and craftsmen are more popular and easier to find parts for, prices are all over the place on these presses, check the excelsior press site, he has lots of good information.good luck dick g.

Thank you! Glad I checked, I want to be able to print bigger than business cards at some point.