Bar-plate quoin key is no good

Howdy ya’ll

I purchased some used challenge hi-speed quoins and a new Bar-Plate key and the key doesn’t work (well).

I have some tried other quoins and key combinations (via the local University Letterpress studio) and the new barplate key is just a little smaller. My quoins could probably use cleaning but with my testing out of other key and quoins proved that the my new key is a little bunk.

Anyone else find this to be the case?


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I have a couple of the Bar-Plate quoin keys and mine work just fine. (?) Did you buy the torque quoin key? (that I have not tested and might require their own quoins?) I’ve not had problems with their other products.



I have had same experience with quoins and keys. I believe that the manufacturers of new keys changed the specs on making their quoin keys so that the keys they sell cannot be used on OLD Challenge hi-speed quoins. If I am wrong on this, please correct me. Old high speed keys work well, and some new keys do not. Why?