help for show & tell in NY Westchester County

A third grade teacher in Rye, NY is looking for help. To quote her:
“In the third grade we will be creating a news paper from the colonial period. I was wondering if anyone has any examples of foundry type, a composition stick, a small hand press, or older newspapers from before offset printing and dot matrix images? I would love to show the students some of the actual tools used before modern printing as we create our own paper on the computer. I would love to show it to the students on our Colonial Day February 23rd.”

If you think you might be able to be of assistance in loaning her some type,composing stick for a few days, or even giving on site assistance, please send me an email. I cannot help since I’m out of state until March. Thanks very much.
Dave Griffin
Windswept Press
Saugerties, NY

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Unfortunately I did not see this post until last night. I probably would have been able to help. Turns out my 19teens vintage C&P was once part of Rye High Schools shop classes.
If you want to direct your friend to me I live in Westchester, NY.
Steve Varvaro
Southpaw Printers

Thanks, Steve, but as you can see, I didn’t see your response until now. Thanks and I’ll forward your note
to the teacher for next year.