Nolan proof presses #1, 2 & 3 sizes vs. prices

I recently picked up a simple Nolan proof press (model #1), which I’ll need to refurbish. While searching for information on it, I found this page:

The thing that confuses me is the prices quoted in the original advertisement from 1955, where it lists the specifications for the three models. Oddly, model #1, which has the smallest bed and weighs the least, is the most expensive. Model #2, heavier and larger, is less than half the price, and #3, largest and far the heaviest, still has a lower price than #1!

Can anyone explain?

image: 1955_Nolan_ad.jpg


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This came out of the American Wood Type Co. (later American Printing Equipment Co.) of New York catalog it is probably a typo as they were notorious for that back in the 50’s and 60’s. Having sold most of my catalogs recently, I still have the1955-1956 edition which is what is shown here (page 200) with the “Perfection” Proof Press at the bottom of the page. Someone out there might have a more recent catalog or a “Graphic Arts Monthly” of that era as Nolan was a regular advertiser.

terebellum - It certainly looks like a typo. Here is the ad from a later AWT catalog, 1958-59. It shows the same sizes and weights, but the prices are in order of size.

image: nolan.png


A-ha! That makes much more sense. I wonder if there weren’t some potential customers back then who were mystified as well.

Thanks for clearing that up!

May I have a photo of your press? My father designed it.