Ludlow Drawer

I’m a collector of certain antique items, but printing materials is not my area of expertise. I’ve acquired a drawer where “Ludlow” appears on the handle. The letters are raised on the metal handle. I have no idea if this is a common or rare item, but I know that in my area of expertise, I hate to see something go to someone who doesn’t appreciate, or know, what they have. So, I wanted to seek your expertise, if you wouldn’t mind sharing, so I know where to offer this so someone who wants it can enjoy it. Thank you for your time.

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JOYFR—The cabinet, or case, that you have was designed to store brass matrixes for the Ludlow linecasting machine. You can probably find out how these machines work somewhere within BriarPress, or by doing a search on the Internet. Suffice to say that Ludlow machines produce a solid line, or slug, of type cast from matrixes which are picked out one-by-one from a case such as yours. The case is/was usually stored in a tall cabinet built for the purpose along with other identical cases and could be wholly or partially withdrawn from the cabinet for use. Ludlow linecasters are still very much in use although, as you can imagine, they are not as numerous as they once were. Similarly, there are not as many Ludlow matrix cases or their companion storage-working cabinets in existence either. And so one might say that these cases are neither common nor rare—there are still quite a few around, just not as many as was once the case (pun intended). If you’re intending to sell the case, BriarPress is a good place to list it, since there are many Ludlow owners and enthusiasts who log on to the site. Alternately you might want to utilize good old e-Bay. Hope this helps. PRESSTIQUE

This is a Ludlow matrix case, (not drawer). It is of no use to a printer as the extenders have been cut off the back end of it. These extenders allowed the case to be opened fully to allow access to all of the matrices, “mats.” Available in right or left hand pull. This particular case is a right hand pull, as seen by the angle that it would fit into a cabinet on the right side of the machine. It might be used now as a wall hanging for a thimble collection, or some similar small collectible items. Could be suitable storage for screws, bolts, nails, or washers or whatever. This item might sell at a flea market or antique shop, for whatever price you might get for it as hanging type cases is long out of fashion.

Thank you for your help! I’m bummed because when I had reserved it to purchase, it actually had the extenders and the person selling it took it upon themselves to cut them off to make it “look nicer” before I was able to request otherwise. Thanks again & I guess I’ll just go the route of ebay or a flea market.