Adana High Speed No.2

Hello there,

I recently acquired a Adana High Speed No.2 press. I’ve been trawling ebay and a couple of other sites for a chase for it: 6 x 4.

I’ve had no luck. Has anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance…


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Adana chases are very easy to copy. If you’re not lucky enough to find one to buy, find an owner of a press instead, take or get the dimensions of the chase and get it welded. It’s a straight forward job and should cost you too much.

Thanks for the advice Thomas, I know a couple of press owners; hopefully they can help.



Fred, i had a kelsey that i couldn’t find a chase for, i saw on this site that someone made one out of wood. I made one from the plywood used for die-cutting dies, it worked great. Good Luck Dick G.

Thanks dickg. Might just give that a go.

Fred - I have a plywood chase I made for my Kelsey 6x10, inspired by the old discussion thread here on briar press. It helps to have a router to make nice straight cuts and you need to make the walls of the chase slightly bigger than those on a metal chase. While my wooden chase works well for most runs - I use it mainly for printing cuts and larger items - there is still some noticeable play in the wood when you lock up the quoins. If you have the time and patience, it is possible to make wooden chases with smaller centers, designed for specific runs. I think if you google “wooden chase” under the “discussion” rubric here, you might find some more info. Best of luck - Denis

Thanks for the advice Denis, and sorry for the late reply… Fred.

Got one in the end on ebay.