So…what inspires you?

Not too many responses to the “Show Your Stuff” post from last week?
OK…Spring is almost here and we all need to shake off the winter blues! So my question is what inspires what you design? For me it has to do with where I live. I also scan through too many magazines to count. Here is something I found in a Bloomingdales catalog that was at my sisters…I think these patterns are great!

What do you look at for inspiration? Don’t let me down!


image: sample 1.jpg

sample 1.jpg

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Here. I like these, thought. It was not easy and took some years to find.
I hope you don’t hang your prints to dry, like we see sometimes around here and elsewhere.

I checked you are around for six weeks and one hour. Tracking your history over here in briarpress, it seems you made a post or commented on “ beautiful space ”.
When I clicked over the link brings up a page with a “error” message that announce a private page. That is not a “error” message. That page is made by someone with admin privileges ; ) and that is …

I know you folks want to see my pictures. I wonder what would be a postcard with my picture worth? Ten thousand run signed when shipped ; )
By the way, that bible you’re printing with moveable type is just awesome. I wish I could move over there and get a real job ; ) …

PS: I did snapshots of the page I referred above. Just in case the admin change it before more folks figure it out ; ) —you never know …

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Attached is a picture of a dinner invitation I printed an number of year ago. You will see the dinnerware that inspired the look and the colors.
Steve Varvaro

image: PLATE.jpg