Jeronimo Squires & Kay Reinhardt, owner 

Bad Penny Jeronimo Squires

Bad Penny - an enduring source contributing to the letterpress scene; first in Seattle. Helping to rejuvenate the hand crafted luxe printed product commercially & personally. Design consultation, custom use of vintage & art papers, highly individualized products for clients has been a specialty since 1988. Stationery & broadsides custom-created is an ongoing focus. Vast collection of cast type, wood type and engraved cuts. Working from final art, new engraved dies are affordable and quick to procure. Rossback perforation, available. We strive to make printed items strikingly distinctive, and with the basics of excellent papers, luscious inks, beautiful enduring types, it’s a privilege to continue to contribute to the wonderful world of letterpress printing. Let’s letterpress!