Cranes Papper and more…

This morning I spoke with a rep from Keldon Paper and she informed that Cranes Paper will not be carry colored paper any longer. Is this true? She said that the pink and pale blue is all gone they are no longer making all the colors. I am so shocked and saddened.

Does anyone out there know of another company that makes 100% cotton paper with beautiful colors?

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it’s not cotton, but take a look at French Paper. it takes a nice impression and comes in lots of great colors.

Hi teganhope,

Is that the Crane’s Palette to which you are referring? That indeed would be a shame.


I recently purchased some of the Arturo Stock from Dick Blick. I can’t compare the quality to Crane (as i haven’t received my order yet) nor comment on the printing quality (as I haven’t done that yet either) but it is a very nice paper and does come in some very sweet colours. Also has matching envelopes.

I believe some other Briar Press members also use this brand (that’s how i originally heard of it).

I just finished a job on Arturo. It takes a nice impression and the paper itself has a nice look to it. It doesn’t, however have as much ‘body’ as the lettra or savoy papers.
It’s a good choice if you don’t mind a thinner paper, and are looking for pastel colors (I’m in love with their buttery yellow color and the warm gray shade). If you want vibrant colors you’ll need to look elsewhere.

F.Y.I. I received this from Crane customer service after asking about the Azure Blue 90lb 8.5x11 sheets I usually order “There are no plans to discontinue the Azure Blue color from the Crane Cover stock line. However, the product that you have been purchasing, the 8 1/2” x 11” size sheet is being discontinued. The weight and color will still be available, it is only the size that will not be offered.” It looks like they will only be making the parent sheets from now on.

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Thank you for all your feedback and suggestions. I will be trying Arturo & French paper for more color. And thank you Paper Stone Printing for letting me know that they will still be making that color I wonder if they will still be making the other colors too. I’ll have to call them. Thank you for that tip. I wonder why the people at Keldon told me they were no longer doing any of the colors. Hmmm I will have to get to the bottom of this…


I am from Keldon Paper and the information we told you was correct to our knowledge. We were just informed last week that Neenah will no longer be offering the Palette line in colors. We had been told by Neenah that several of the colors we’ve inquired on were no longer available or in stock. Neenah will only continue with the 3 popular white shades. As far as the other designer colors, Crane may continue with these. We’ll keep you updated as we ourselves find out more information. Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you Jeff!

Note that Arturo is not a cotton sheet. One alternative is Magnani Pescia, which I think is 100% cotton, and comes in light blue, gray, cream, and two shades of white. Another choice (not cotton) is Hahnemuhle Bugra, available from Atlantic Paper in about 20 different colors and they will duplex/laminate it anyway you want. It has a very nice laid texture.

I have noticed problems with Neenah and Crane papers in recent months - frequent backordered items. Plus the Crane Palette papers were never very widely distributed; they seemed to be almost custom order items, and it seems likely the volume of orders (and high cost of the papers) did not support continuing this line.