Leveling a windmill

I’ll be bringing a 10x15 windmill into the studio this weekend and the floor where it is to be placed slopes slightly away from the wall. I’ve had a recommendation to use strips of sheet metal as shims between the base and drip pan but was wondering if anyone here had experience with a situation like this and had additional thoughts/suggestions on the matter.

Also does anyone have the base width of the windmill offhand? Would 24” shims be wide enough?

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Depending on the slope, I install windmills using cedar shingles as wedges. Keep the press as close to the floor as possible. I do not suggest using metal shims or spacers as steel-on-steel will slip. You can also use chipboard for fine tuning. The base is about 16” x 36” I think. The press is very top heavy so it is important to use as few shims as possible to get the machine level. On floors sloping front to back, I put a single shim under the two front corners of the base and the rest in the back until level. If it takes more than three cedar shims to level the machine on any given corner, I glue them together with Liquid Nails so they will stay put. Shim between the base and the drip pan, not under the drip pan.